Réka's case

Our first child Réka was born at 38 weeks, weighing 2380 grams, with a Caesarean section. After the mandatory hip screening we were told that ‘on the right side her hip is not developed enough and there is a small deformation on the femoral head’, so we were advised to start therapeutic gymnastics. We had to wait for weeks before the tertament started on 3 September 2009.   

My daughter was crying all the time throughout the sessions but I knew that the treatment would improve her condition, so I made great effort not to cry with her. For four months we went to the gymnastics twice a week, but there were no positive signs. Most of the time Réka was just lying in her cot; she played with one toy or two only, she was not active, she never turned around in the cot, she did not like to lie on her tummy if we put her inside in that position. I was only breastfeeding her in the first 7 months, then we started giving her food too. She did not eat much, she did not accept vegetables at all but she liked fruits.  She ony pooped every 3-4 days. I was desperate so I decided to ask for help. My neghbour’s daughter told me about the Dévény Method for the Disabled Foundation Hódmezővásárhely.      

We could see the changes in Réka already after the first treatment: she became more balanced and she always pooped in the evening. Since than she poops 2-3 times a day, she eats well and tries food she rejected before (carrot, squash, etc.), and she has been gaing weight. She moves better too, first she started turning in one direction and after the 4th session she did it in both directions. Réka now likes to lie on her tummy and holds up her head really nicely.   

Réka has turned into a happy baby who never stops smiling. We are very optimistic about her further development and I am very grateful to everyone for their help!