Balázs's case

Our son, Balázs was born at 33 weeks weighing 1940 grams, with a grave infection and in oxygen-deprived condition. For 4 days he was on mechanical ventilation and spent the first 3 weeks in an incubator. After medical examinations it was revealed that there was a 14x11x14 mm cyst in my son’s brain, and the doctor informed us that a possible complication of this is hydrocephalus.    

We were devastated by the news: Why him? This little creature did not harm anyone. Why does fate punish us? – we kept asking similar questions endlessly.

Balázs was 5 weeks old when we brought him home. At the clinic they started therapeutic gymnastics with him using the Dévény Method, which we continued on a regular basis at the Dévény Method for the Disabled Foundation in Hódmezővásárhely.

His progress was spectacular and due to regular exercise people who did not know about his illness did not see anything unusual about him. His posture improved and his fist, which in the beginning was constantly clenched, became normally toned. He started to roll over and crawl in due time, he caught up with his peers in his development!    

Balázs now has his 1st birthday behind him and he is a happy, attentive baby with a good appetite. He walks alone, doorsteps and stairs are no obstacle to him. He is a real perpetuum mobile and a cheeky little boy. At the last control examination the cyst was not visible. There is no need for further treatment or therapeutic gymnastics. We believe that this success is the result of using Dévény Method and the expertise of Márta Kocsisné Benczédi.