Alice's case

My third daughter was born at 39 weeks after relatively normal labour with a 10/10 Apgar score, but the umbilical cord was twisted around her neck. Her hip screening detected a minor narrowing (85-85 degrees), about which the doctor said it was curable with a bit of gymnastics. 

After these antecedents I thought everything was alright. A health visitor regularly came to us and the paediatrician said my daughter was developing normally. However, I found it strange that Alice was a bit too calm and quiet, we could not see her neck and she always cried when we turned her on her stomach. This was visible on her head because it deformed – it got a bit flat as she was always lying on her back. I could not help feeling something was wrong and consulted a neurologist, who examined Alice and the diagnosis was uneven muscle tone, dyscrania-brachycephalia. It also turned out that her hip narrowing was related to these problems.       

Fortunately we started working with a physiotherapist in time and this was the time when I first learned about Dévény Method. Regular exercise was really hard work for Alice and for me because psychologically it was very difficult to cope with her crying during exercise. But hard work bore fruit and in hindsight I can say it was really worth it: my 10-month old daughter can now roll over, crawl and is just about to start walking. 

I am really grateful to the inventor of the method and to Márta! I would like to grab the opportunity and tell all my fellow parents that they are responsible for their babies. If their inner voice keeps saying something is wrong they should listen to it. This warning does not come by accident and they must not retreat until they find out what it is all about.