Jákob's case

My sixth child, Jákob was born on 21 November 2000. He was 3 weeks old when we received the result of genetic examination, according to which my son had Down syndrome. There was nothing really problematic about bringing him up. I was breastfeeding him and he was developing well, there were no problems with his internal organs. He learned to roll over in time. His progress stopped when he reached the 9th month. He only did the motions he had learned by that time (rolling over). I consulted a physiotherapist in Szeged and spoke abut my worries, but I was told that Jákob had a good posture and he would learn everything, there was no need to intervene in his development until the age of 2. I was shown how to teach him stand on all fours and that was all. When Jákob was one year old he started to crawl like a seal. Then his development was drawn to a halt again. When Jákob was 16 months old I got worried again and a friend of mine told me about a physiotherapist in Hódmezővásárhely who successfully treated her Down syndrome son. I called her on the phone and was told to go see her on 27 March 2002. This physiotherapist was Márta Kocsisné Benczédi, a pleasant-mannered lady who started the treatment of my son straight away. She told me what the essence of DSGM was, she told me why she was doing certain things and what I could expect in the near future, in which fields Jákob was expected to make progress.     

On 31 March 2002 Jákob stood up in his cot without any help. 

We saw Márta Kocsisné Benczédi once a week and my son’s progress was taking giant leaps. On 16 April 2002 Jákob started taking steps if we held his hand. His attention span improved and his mental development also took a positive turn. Four weeks after the first treatment, on 25 April 2002 he sat up. I also registered in my diary that he was using 9 recognisable words.   

On 12 August 2002 he started crawling on all fours and by this time he could stand up if holding on to something. One month later, when he was 22 months old Jákob took his first steps by himself. When he was 24 months old we were already walking to the nearby grocery store together.   

In the period between December 2003 and January 2004 there was a break (holidays, bad weather conditions), and I wrote in my diary: ‘I really miss therapeutic gymnastics. Jákob’s development has stopped. He does not want to walk. He is weaker and less attentive.’   

Jákob is now 3 years old. He is toilet-trained and he moves quickly. He is jumping around on two legs, he does somersaults and he can pull himself up when holding on to the chair’s armrest. He knows innumerable words and is easy to understand when he speaks, his 3-word sentences are correct. He recognises names and groups primary colours. He can pay attention as long as 40 minutes. Based on his abilities, he was admitted to a kindergarten for normal children, which he starts in September. 

At the moment we only take him to the physiotherapist and to the crèche - we do not need to see other specialists. I believe that therapeutic gymnastics was a point of development in his life, without which we could not have reached this big a success.