Benedek's case

Our brief but edifying story started about a year ago. My son Benedek was 11 months old and he was still unable to sit alone and could not crawl either. Physically and mentally he was a healthy little boy. Upon our paediatrician’s recommendatipon we went to see a physiotherapist, who soon achieved great preogress in Benedek’s development by using the Dévény method.   

The first session took place on 1 April 2003. My son was crying during the 60 minutes of gymnastics but I knew that he would profit from the treatment. In just three days he stood up in his cot bed holding on to the rails. In five days’ time he started crawling. He showed great interest in everything. After two weeks he was already standing alone – after a couple of minutes of balancing – for a few minutes and took his frist steps.

Benedek leraned to sit up alone on the day following the second treatment. 21 days after the frist gymnastics session he could sit up alone, crawl, stand up and walk holding on to the table. Hew was 13 months old when he started walking alone. My son is 21 months old now and he can walk up on the stairs to the 3rd floor, he never stops running and jumping, and he is a very smart kid too.

Thanks to Dévény method Benedek is more developed now than other children of his age – both physically and mentally.