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Dévény Method is a complex motion rehabilitation process, which opens new horizons in medical treatment with its unique efficiency.

We recommend it to:

Newborns, infants – for the treatment of babies with a variety of disorders related to the nervous system (cerebral haemorrhage, cyst, ventricular aneurysm) that developed during pregnancy, during childbirth or after birth;

Children – for the treatment of orthopaedic problems (scoliosis, developmental disorders of the hip), postural disorders (wry neck, leg deformities), locomotor pain, sports injuries, etc.;

Adults – for the treatment of spinal complaints, locomotor disorders, orthopaedic and neurological disorders, rehabilitation after operations.


With the passing of time, newborns with a damaged nervous system will be hindered in the healthy development of motion; the damage causes pathological articular and muscular conditions that result in distorted motion and after a while lead to limitation of motion or disabilities.

Previous developmental methods concentrated on the functions that were still working, but they could not restart functions that stopped working. Children with disorders remained ill.

The significance of Dévény Method is that it can heal the disorders mentioned above if treatment is started early enough. It can heal as it gives back normal motion and motion development. It uses a unique method, which has a direct effect on the nervous system and restores the normal condition of muscles and tendons.

In the case of disorders causing pain, motion loss or decreased muscular power for children or adults, the method does not start the therapy with active exercise.

Dévény Method uses a unique preparatory technique to find the disorders in muscles and tendons and to restore their health. When these obstacles of correct motion have been removed, the active, targeted exercise leads to a more complete healing with less pain, in a shorter period of time.

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Our bank account number: 12068009 – 01495659 – 00100008

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