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Should parents do therapeutic gymnastics several times a day with babies born with oxygen deprivation?

Probably you do have reasons to be worried. But on the one hand, doing health treatment is an activity that requires professional training. It is not right to make treating their babies the parents’ task because it would just put more mental burden on them – in a situation when they are already desperate or anxious.    

On the other hand, gymnastics done when the babies have spastic muscle tones and irregularly positioned tendons only makes things worse.  

The special manual technique applied using the Dévény method corrects the irregularities in the connective tissue structure of the muscles and tendons, making healthy motion possible again. A specially trained therapist (DSGM rehabilitation physiotherapist) does the therapeutic work and parents do not have to do any exercises with their babies at home. Treatments done 1-2 times a week can easily fit into the natural weekly routine of babies. If therapeutic gymnastics are done many times a day, the daily routine of both babies and the whole family are disturbed. Our experience is that doing exercises with the babies more often than 1-2 times a week does not result in faster or better-quality improvement in their condition. Stimulating the nervous system and motion development have their own pace. It is the therapist who can tell how the treatments should be scheduled, based on the stages of development. All in all: the development process cannot be narrowed down to a question of treatment frequency.

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