2-month-old baby tilts their head to one side, when in a sitting position they let their head hang down. They are crying when lying on tummy. Should parents make them lie on tummy?

This is a very important observation. In the first 4-5 months, when newborns only do reflex movements and they are not supposed to do voluntary ones, most of the time it is the parents who notice the signs of later motion disorders (e.g. head tilted to one side, asymmetric limb use, irregular muscle tones, etc.). It is key to notice early signs because the earlier a therapy starts, the bigger the chance for recovery. The reason of this is that the human brain has reserve capacity which if not used disappears with time. Our therapy can be the most successful if we manage to make use of this reserve capacity.   

As for lying on tummy: babies are unable to raise their heads if their neck muscles are weak (reduced muscle tone). This problem cannot be solved by simply having the baby lie on their tummy all the time. On the contrary, no normal movement is possible if the muscles work improperly (e.g. low muscle tone). If such babies are forced to do certain movements, the disorder only gets worse, reducing the chances of the baby’s recovery. These disorders in the muscles, tendons and connective tissue cannot be corrected with the help of the parents. Luckily, by using the manual technique Anna Dévény developed these errors can be corrected once and for all, making healthy movement possible for these babies. My advice is to contact a specialist if such problems occur.