Barnabás's case

Barnabás will soon be 1 year old. By the time he turned 9 months old he had learned everything a baby of his age has to do: hold up his head, turn around, use his hands, hold small objects, pull himself along on his tummy using his forearms. Actually he was doing it so well like he was a little Indian, he could easily get anywhere in the flat, one moment he was here and in the next he turned up somewhere else. Soon he could sit. The only things missing were crawling and standing. These two things somehow did not work for him. Some people said that we should not worry as not all children are crawling, while others told us that missing the crawling phase would cause many problems later. We consulted doctors and physiotherapists but nobody could give an answer satisfying enough for us. Finally we got in touch with the Dévény Method for the Disabled Foundation in Hódmezővásárhely. They started treating Barnabás.       

The first 60-minute session was a very special experience for both of us. At first my son was coping with the gymnastics well but after a while he started crying more and more. I knew that the exercises were absolutely necessary but I was heartbroken to see Barnabás’ desperation. I wanted to hug him and hold him in my arms but the treatment could not be stopped.

Very soon there were excellent results. The following day my son started crawling and he switched from pulling himself along on his tummy to crawling more and more often. After a week he was crawling only and on the 3rd day after the trearment he stood up. It is unbelievable that one session was enough for him to start doing those things we have been waiting for such a long time.