Niki's case

Our first child, Niki was born at 37 weeks on 7 February 2004, weighing 3380 grams. Because of long labour (15 hours) and a long expulsion period, oxygen deprivation occurred. After-birth examinations indicated weak reflexes and fluctuating circulatory values, so she was transported to the Paediatric Clinic in Szeged. Thanks to their expertise, Niki’s condition started ameliorating in a couple of hours and soon she was breathing by herself. We brought her home when she was 2 weeks old. At the clinic they recommended therapeutic gymnastics as a follow-up treatment, which we started when Niki was 3 weeks old.  

Niki’s posture, motions and general condition did not really improve by the time she was 5-6 months old. Her body was toneless, her lower limbs were hanging twisted, her arms were weak, she did not grab things and did not reach for her toys. Her little face was always sad, she was not cooing, did not have facial expressions and was just looking with her lips hanging down. She only liked to lie on her back, she would not stay on her stomach, she was crying. She did not eat much, still she seemed fat and very wobbly.     

As a last resort, when she was 8 months old we contacted the Dévény Method for the Disabled Foundation in Hódmezővásárhely. 60-minute treatments twice a week brought significant improvement after a couple of occasions. Niki got to like lying on her stomach, she started to roll over, soon she was crawling all over the flat. By the time she was 1 year old she stood up, she was taking steps while holding on to something and was up to all kinds of mischief. Now she is walking alone. She keeps moving and talking, she only stays put when she is asleep.       

We hope that the effects of the first couple of months will disappear without a trace and our daughter will develop healthily and happily in the future as well.

We wish similar improvement to all the other babies who were born with disorders.